5Dimes Sportsbook Review

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Licensed By: N/A
Software Provider: Proprietary
Headquarters: Costa Rica
Accepts US Players: Yes

5Dimes Overview

The 5Dimes online sportsbook, after a very successful 3 years, took off in 1999. They were able to secure a spot among the other online sportsbooks that were starting up during that time. They gained their fame and fortune with their sportsbook business model, where the sports bettors can actually pick their own odds; no other competitor does this, and has taken the 5Dimes brand name to a higher level. They have been headquartered in San Jose, Costa Rica ever since they were established in 1996. This sportsbook welcomes all sports bettors from the U.S., so if you are looking for the best odds during the current NFL season, look no further. They are still very much focused in creating a great sport’s betting experience, that they focus most of their time and resources into offering the best odds possible.

5Dimes Website — Score: 8.5/10

The 5Dimes website, along with its sportsbook, does not look like very much when you first visit it. Trust me; join this sportsbook so you can truly start to appreciate all of its wonderful services and features that make it such a great sportsbook. The website itself looks like it hasn’t been updated or improved since the 90’s, but instead of putting money into making the website and sportsbook look pretty, they have invested into making a great betting system, where bettors can pick their own odds, sort through all of the various sports that are offered, and be able to do so in a quick and easy manner.

5Dimes Software — Score: 7.5/10

The software that 5Dimes uses is an old fashioned type of software, and it doesn’t really bring much to the table. They do offer their services through various mobile devices like the iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android devices. One extra perk bettors get when they become members is that they are given a free donwload and use of the Bet Tracker app. Bet Tracker is a cool program that links directly to your 5Dimes account, and let’s you look at your bets, and check in real-time the stats and the results of your bets.

5Dimes Sports Selection — Score: 9/10

With 5Dimes being a U.S. friendly sportsbook, they take care of keeping a good amount of national sports like Baseball, Basketball, and the ever popular Football, with the NFL and NCAA always delivering a good amount of entertainment and winnings. They have some internationally known sports like Soccer, Rugby, Hockey, and Cricket. Along with these more popular sports, they also have Boxing, Motor Sports, Tennis, and Golf. The way 5Dimes organizes these sports, the bettor can easily sort the ones they want to view and wager on, and which ones they do not.

5Dimes Wagering Options — Score: 9.5/10

Every sportsbook prides themselves on having many different types of wagering options, this way their members will not only be able to place more wagers, but will have a better experience as they bet. As such, 5Dimes offers a great variety of different wagering options including:

Straight Bets Totals Point Spread Parlays
Teasers/Progressives Pleasers If-Bets Rolling If-Bets
Reverses Asian Handicaps Office Pools Round Robins

This is a very large selection of possible bets a member can place, and some of these types of bets may be a little confusing; at least for the more inexperienced bettors. That is why it is a good idea to read up and understand what each type of bet is and how they work, so that you can have a better chance of wagering on the right bet.

5Dimes Bonuses and Promotions — Score: 9/10

5Dimes is one sportsbook that takes pride in their members, and likes to show their appreciation even from the start. Their welcome bonus for those new members will give them a 50% bonus, up to $520 in Free-Play Rewards; in other words, a possible $520 of free cash to start betting with. As for those loyal members that enjoy betting through 5Dimes, they can get a 20% bonus, up to $500 when they deposit money into their accounts; it depends on the method used and amount. They also offer a Reduced Juice Bet, which is an amazing promotion to take advantage of. They even have a Cash Back program, where members could get anywhere from 5% to 20% cash back depending on the time frame. Do not forget to check out any of the other many bonuses and promotions, including promotions that are sport specific and change with each season.

5Dimes Banking Options — Score: 8.5/10

Banking at 5Dimes is made as easily and securely as possible. They offer their members several different options for depositing and withdrawing funds. Some methods may not be available for deposit or withdraw, so make sure to pick the best option for you.







Not Available

Person to Person

Rates vary

Rates vary

Checks and Money Orders

Rates Vary


Debit Cards

Not Available


eGift Card



Sportsbook Transfer



Account to Account Transfer






5Dimes members should always take into account that there could be fees associated with any of the different banking options, on both 5Dimes behalf and whichever option is picked.

5Dimes Customer Service — Score: 10/10

5Dimes has a very impressive customer service, which strives for perfections with the various types of methods that a member can use to get in contact with them.




Customer Service: 1-800-430-5896

New Accounts: 1-877-332-7501

Sports Wagering: 1-866-924-3772

Local: 506-2225-6716





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