BetOnline Sportsbook Review

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Licensed By: Panama
Software Provider: ASI
Headquarters: Panama City
Accepts US Players: Yes

BetOnline Overview

The BetOnline sportsbook was first established in 2001, and even though the U.S. changed their gambling laws, they stuck with their members and now have an amazing sportsbook and an even better reputation. The headquarters for BetOnline are located in Panama City, Panama. They are fully licensed and registered as an official sportsbook, along with some other gambling services, through the Government of Panama. Ever since they started, all the way to the present, they have been welcoming U.S. sports bettors and are happy to accommodate and satisfy their every need and want. This online sportsbook truly does deliver with great betting lines, a good lineup of sports, and all the match-ups, schedules, and news a bettor could want.

BetOnline Website — Score: 8.5/10

The BetOnline website, which houses their sportsbook, is not by all means a flashy website and does not make use of any high quality graphics. What they prefer to do is have a very dynamic and easy to use website and sportsbook that anyone can use and navigate. Sports bettors that visit and use this website will find that they are not constantly bombarded by all kinds of annoying ads or specials that they are not interested in. BetOnline prefers keeping their layout simple, which will help cut down on the clutter and remain focused on the important things, like the sports match-ups. They do offer their members, or even visitors, the chance to improve themselves. A section named “Sports Betting Edge” is where they group information such as tips or strategies on how to bet on certain sports teams; during the NFL season, they offer these tips for each NFL team and matchup.

BetOnline Software — Score: 8/10

BetOnline can be accessed by most mobile devices, especially if they are smart phones. These mobile devices obviously have to have an internet connection, and what doesn’t these days, along with other factors like a browser. They do have a great stats center that sports bettors can visit. They will be able to find all kinds of stats on the teams or players, all automatically updated for their comfort.

BetOnline Sports Selection — Score: 9/10

The BetOnline sportsbook offers a wide variety of different sports that a bettor can wager on. If you had to split them into categories, there would be a National and International section, as there are sports that are mainly played in the U.S., while others are played all around the world. There are even a few sports that are relatively unknown to most, but are fun to watch and bet on nonetheless.




Baseball (MLB) Basketball (NBA) Football (NFL) Hockey (NHL) Boxing Cricket Soccer Rugby Darts Snooker Lacrosse Olympic Games

Each one of these sports brings amazing competitiveness that truly makes one want to bet on the teams, players, and even silly outcomes using the Prop bets.

BetOnline Wagering Options — Score: 9/10

BetOnline knows that having a good amount of different wagering options will be beneficial to both them and their members. This is why they have a very good and varied amount of types of bets.


Normal Wagers

Special Wagers

Straight Bets (Point Spread) Totals (Over/Under) Money Line Parlays Teasers Special Teasers Futures If – Win Reverses Buying Points Prop Bets

BetOnline Bonuses and Promotions — Score: 9.5/10

BetOnline offers some very excellent bonuses and promotions that new and loyal members can take advantage of and start off their betting experience on the right foot. Any new sports bettor that decides to join the ranks of BetOnline will be able to get a 25% bonus, up to $900 with the Signup Bonus; they would receive this bonus after their first deposit.

They like to continue helping out and incentivizing their loyal members with other bonuses and promotions. For these members they offer them the Reload Bonus, which could give them a 25% bonus, up to $900 after they deposit more funds into their account. There is also a sort of rewards program for their members. They could receive different bonus rewards based on their betting activity, along with free cash and even cash back rewards.

There are specific promotions that are based on the actual sportsbook and the sports bets; Mulligan Bet, Halftime Surrender, and Shutout Bailout. The Mulligan Bet is where a bettor can take a Mulligan and cancel a losing NFL wager. A bettor can get half their stake back by cancelling their wager at halftime, using the Halftime Surrender. With the Shutout Bailout, a bettor will get a refund if their team gets shutout.

BetOnline Banking Options — Score: 8.5/10

There are various different methods that BetOnline offers their members in terms of banking, all of which are highly secure, and are the quickest methods available.

Deposit Options

Withdraw Options

Visa and MasterCard Money Gram and Western Union Money Orders Moneybookers NETELLER Bank Wire Check Wire Transfer Bank Wire Cashier’s Check

Members need to remember that there may be some fees associated with whichever option they pick, so be sure to pick the best option for you.

BetOnline Customer Service — Score: 9/10

BetOnline has various different methods that their members can get in contact with them. The hard part is finding the information, as it seems they hide their contact information and options very well.



Customer Service Telephone 1-888-426-3661
Fax 1-800-453-0804
Live Chat Through the website