NFL Predictions

NFL Predictions

Most people know that football game outcomes are uncertain, but the NFL can be predicted to a certain degree. The is due to the fact that there are many different factors that make the NFL a predictable sport; bettors will have to use important information in order to make their decisions, and their accuracy will be the difference between winning and losing a bet.

NFL betting predictions makes use of different information: football handicapping and betting systems. Football handicapping will have the bulk of the information that will be used in order for bettors to make their predictions and more accurately place their bets. In other words, football statistics will give you a mathematical accurate guess of the expected outcome between two teams as they play.

Any good betting prediction begins with a good understanding of the football stats. Without this basic knowledge, other strategies, like betting systems, will backfire, since bettors will make mistakes from reading and using the stats. Knowing the basics of football stats will allow you to start predicting the outcomes of the NFL games, which is good enough most of the time. Keep in mind that you should learn the football stats first, then you can move on to more complicated betting systems.

NFL Football Handicapping

Another word for using and analyzing these NFL stats is called Handicapping, and is used by most successful NFL bettors. There are several different types of stats that a bettor has to take into account:

Overall Team Stats

NFL Predictions

These are the stats that each NFL team has, and can be found quite easily anywhere on the internet. You will encounter different stats including:

  • Average Score: how many points a team scores, as well as how many points are scored against them.
  • Total Yards: the average amount of yards each team gains or allows per game.
  • Rushing Yards: the average amount of yards gotten or allowed from rushing.
  • Passing Yards: the average amount of yards gotten or allowed from passing.

These overall team stats will help you get the big picture before moving on to more specific information. Many use these as a preliminary prediction by comparing the team stats and coming up with the football game predictions.

Player Stats

NFL Predictions

The player stats, taken from each of the NFL teams, are what will give you the specific information needed to get an even more accurate football prediction. These stats are made up from each of the players own performance, so it would depend on whether they are part of the Offense, Defense, or Special Teams; which includes the kickers/punters. For example, some of the stats you may encounter for a Quarterback are:

  • Completion Percent: the accuracy at which the quarterback throws; it compares the attempted passes with the completed passes.
  • Yards: the total amount of yards they have thrown for.
  • Average Yards: the average amount of yards per completed pass.
  • Touchdowns: the amount of touchdown passes made.
  • Interceptions: the amount of intercepted throws; when compared to completed passes, it becomes the interception percent.
  • Sacks: the amount of times he has been sacked; combined with the amount of yards lost due to those sacks.
  • Rate: the quarterback rating, comparing their performance with the other NFL quarterbacks.

These player stats will give you insight into which are key players that are used more often or are relied upon. Comparing key players, as well as knowing when they are injured or not playing will be to your advantage.

Betting Systems

Betting systems are tools used by bettors to make predictions easier. In other words, these systems will allow you to simply input certain information, such as stats, and easily come up with a prediction. There are many different systems you can find online, whether they all work or not is debatable. Before using any of the betting systems out there, you should make sure you understand exactly what they do, or what prediction they are trying to get. A few examples are:

  • Game Winning Systems. These systems are the most simple, as they will give you an accurate prediction of which team has the best odds of winning based off of the information you used.
  • Point Predicting Systems. These systems are focused on getting the NFL scores predictions, for when you are trying to place a Point Spread or Total Points bet. You would enter specific information regarding the points each team scores and gets scored against, and come up with an answer that will tell you whether Team A or Team B will beat the spread or if the game will end with so many points scored by both teams.
  • Big Game Systems. These systems are used during the NFL Playoffs and even during the Super Bowl, as these games are unique in nature and do not follow the rules and guidelines you would when predicting regualr season games.

As mentioned before, it is very important to take each of these systems with a grain of salt, since some may not work as advertised; never trust a system that says it works 100% of the time. If you do not want to go through the hassle of looking for one, you can always make your own betting system based off of what ever trends you have been able to find. If you see that using certain information, and making a prediction based off of that information leads you to winning more than 50% of the time, it is an effective system. Being able to be profitable, regardless of by how much, is what you should aim for always.