NFL Betting Tips & Advice

Betting Tips

Betting Advice KioskThese are some general tips that every NFL fan should take into account before they start placing their bets. You should always have a set budget when betting, and stick to it to avoid any messy problems, as well as knowing all of your options when predicting the outcomes. These tips are here for your benefit, and will help as you make those important betting choices.

Manage Your Money

Money management might be one of the most important, non-betting tips you should pay attention to, since without money, you can place any bets. Using the simplest methods will make it easier to stick to a budget, especially when it comes to your betting bankroll. This is a general guide you can use when deciding how much to bet:

Bankroll Size


Number of Bets

Amount per Bet

$500 $400 10 $40
$1000 $800 10 $80
$10,000 $8,000 20 $400

If you want to place more money on each bet, do that at your own risk. Just remember, there are no sure bets, and the most successful bettors are those that make a profit, no matter how small.

Have a Strategy

Having a betting strategy is quite important, as it will allow you to organize your information, as well as help you pick the right NFL team. One of these strategies is handicapping, which is when you take all of the information available, analyze it, and then make a prediction of the outcome of the NFL games. There are several different pieces of information that can be used to successfully handicap:

  • Team Stats: these are the overall stats of each NFL team, for instance Average Points For and Against.
  • Player Stats: these are the individual stats of each player on the team and will help you reach a more specific prediction.
  • Injuries: it is vital to know which players are injured, since missing your key player will certainly impact your overall performance.
  • Turnovers: seeing how well a team is able to maintain possession of the ball will give you insight into how well they will perform.
  • Special Teams and Kickers: often overlooked, these players can make the difference between losing and winning.
  • Weather and Other News: when facing a strong wind or cold weather, the team performance will be different.

Betting Advice

When you have the process of how you are going to bet ready to go, there are a few pieces of advice that you should follow, not only as a sports fan, but as a sports bettor. Here are some Do’s and Do Not’s of betting.

  • DO enjoy yourself. There isn’t anything worse than being a NFL fan, and have the stress of betting get in the way. If you cannot enjoy yourself, maybe you should only bet on teams you are not a fan of.
  • DO take advantage of the perks. Each sportsbook will offer you different bonuses, promotions, and other great perks, so use them!
  • DO NOT bet with your emotions. Angry bettors tend to lose much more, as they will always believe they can “win it back”; negative emotions tend to making lousy choices. On the other hand, if you are extremely happy, you may feel like you are invincible and place wild bets, which can turn that smile upside down.
  • DO NOT bet while drunk. This should be obvious, but when you are under the influence of alcohol you make stupid decisions. It would be quite bad to make a dumb choice with a lot of money.

Use these betting tips & advice to your advantage, and use them constantly and you will see how much better you become.