Understanding NFL Football Betting Lines in Las Vegas

Vegas Betting Skyline

When you think of NFL betting, the first thought that comes to your mind is Las Vegas. The main reason is that Las Vegas is the gambling capital of the US; maybe even the world, as many go there just to bet. One of the more famous aspects is the Las Vegas sports betting, which is responsible for a billion dollar per year enterprise, in part thanks to the NFL and College football; the Super Bowl is a busy and lucrative time. What most should know is that the Las Vegas betting lines are what many of the online sportsbooks use to make their own lines and odds.

For those of you have been able to go to Las Vegas know that the NFL betting lines are one of the most popular to bet on. You get great action, odds, and the attention you receive is amazing. Those that wish to make their bets through the Vegas casinos are welcome to, as sports betting is legal in the state of Nevada. We have a great Las Vegas Sportsbooks guide you can take a look at and use if you ever want to visit and make a few bets.

What the Vegas Betting Lines

It is important to know what these famous betting lines are, as it will help you understand the NFL lines you are betting on. You should already be familiar with what lines are; it is a numerical representation of the chances a team has of winning any particular game. In other words, it is the odds which the sportsbooks give to each NFL team, showing bettors the chances each has of winning. Now, what does Las Vegas have to do with any of that if I use an online sportsbook?

Very simple. Las Vegas is where most of those online sportsbooks get their betting lines and odds, especially when it comes to football. Vegas is considered to be the home of the line makers, those professional experts on sports, and in this case, experts on the NFL. They will do exactly what most would do, use handicapping to determine the most likely outcome, and use that to make the lines; obviously with a few points skewed so that the sportsbook can make some money.

Las Vegas NFL Betting Lines

How To Take Advantage

Now that you know what they are, you can now take advantage of the Las Vegas NFL betting lines. There are a few easy strategies you can use:

  • Check the Lines As you were told before, many online sportsbooks use the data from Vegas, so if you look at how the lines move directly from the source, you may have enough time to make a good bet online before the lines update. You could end up getting half a point, or even a full point on some lines.
  • Look for Value Which teams are more likely to make you more money in less time? Those would be the underdogs. Whenever your handicapping has told you that an underdog will win a bet, take it. This does not mean always bet on the underdogs; you simply need to take advantage of the teams that are given high payouts, but have good odds of winning.
  • Line Makers In other words, listen to what line makers have to say, as they are very good at their jobs or else no sportsbook would hire them! If you can catch the opening lines, before everyone starts betting and moving the line, you can see which teams were initially favored to win. You can sit on this information until you can maximize your profit.
  • Pick Wisely There is no need to settle on the first NFL lines you encounter. Sportsbooks may have different lines based off of their own research, so look for the one that has the best lines and place your bet there. You may find lines with 1 or 1/2 point in your favor.

There really isn’t any golden rule that will let you win every time, but by following the latest Vegas NFL betting lines you can increase your chances of making a steady profit, which is what every sports bettor looks for.